International Party

International Party: an opportunity for families to share their culture

The International Party at Granada International Montessori School is a vibrant celebration that brings together families from diverse backgrounds to showcase the beauty of their countries or regions of origin. Each family is invited to share the richness of their culture through traditional food, music, and other elements that make their heritage unique. It’s a joyous occasion where the school community embarks on a virtual journey around the world, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the multicultural tapestry that defines us. The children eagerly anticipate this annual event, as it provides them with a wonderful opportunity to explore, learn, and embrace the incredible diversity that enriches our school family.

Peace Education: how understanding difference makes a difference

Moreover, the International Party at Granada International Montessori School serves as a powerful platform for fostering Peace Education. By encouraging families to share their cultural backgrounds, we emphasize the importance of understanding and celebrating differences. This event not only promotes cultural awareness but also instills in our students the value of embracing diversity. The belief that understanding differences makes a profound difference in building a harmonious community is at the core of Montessori’s Peace Education philosophy. Through this celebration, we aim to cultivate an environment where mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s unique identities contribute to a more compassionate and interconnected world. The International Party exemplifies our commitment to nurturing global citizens who recognize the strength that comes from unity in diversity.

GIMS families are welcome!

The key is your participation, enjoyment, and contribution to breathe life into our community. Don’t miss out!

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Granada International Montessori School

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