Our Mission and Values

For us, Montessori is a way of life; it extends beyond the Montessori materials and classroom. It is also not limited to the teacher or the children; it is something that defines and permeates the whole school community


The mission of GIMS is to provide a holistic education to students of diverse cultures in a prepared environment, inaccordance with the principles of Montessori pedagogy: maintaining their innate love of learning, promoting independent thinking and fostering a constructive and respectful attitude.


We strive for GIMS graduates to be:

Autonomous: Think and act independently

Flexible: Have an open-minded attitude; able to adapt

Knowledgeable: Have self-knowledge; and a depth and breadth of knowledge and skills across all curricular areas

Adventurous: Be proactive explorers with a creative spirit; willing to take risks

Collaborative: Be team players, with fellowship, and have a positive attitude in group activities

Caring: Show compassion, empathy, and respect for others, for all living things, and for their physical environment, on both a local and global scale

Self-disciplined: Be self-aware, have self-control, perseverance and self-motivation

Bilingual communicators: Can communicate effectively in both English and Spanish

Lifelong learners: Have a growth mindset and love of learning

Responsible: Take responsibility for their actions and look after themselves, their fellow citizens and their environments, both locally and globally.

Core values

1. Children learn best when secure and motivated.

At GIMS, students

– are treated with respect;

– are given opportunities to choose, in an environment with clear guidelines;

– can explore an inspiring, prepared environment;

– experience a peaceful environment, mutual respect, with purposeful activity and an absence of fear, shame or guilt.

2. Children learn by doing and from modelled behaviour and attitudes.

GIMS Guides and Assistants:

– are trained in Montessori Pedagogy;

– treat children with respect;

– transmit peace;

– undergo continual professional and personal development.

GIMS parents have access to:

– Montessori training courses;

– personal growth or childrearing courses aligned with Montessori philosophy;

– regular parent education sessions.

GIMS students:

– experience an active education and are protagonists in their learning;

– engage with appropriate educational materials;

– learn in mixed-age classrooms;

– experience some consistency between home and school.

3. Children deserve a holistic education, covering all aspects of their development (academic, socio-emotional, physical, spiritual).

Arigorous, evidence-based curriculum, based on observation of the development of the child.


Mixed-age classes, interaction, collaboration, mindfulness, assemblies, peace education.


Aesthetics (clean, ordered, well-maintained learning environment), contact with nature (vegetable garden, plants, field trips), service learning (learning to help others, Practical Life, mixed-age groups),


Movement (freedom to move in the classroom, outdoor games), alternative seating arrangements, outdoor facilities (safe play areas with a variety of equipment).

4. A bilingual or multilingual education helps children appreciate and embrace diversity, improving their understanding of other cultures, thus helping to inculcate peace; and improves mental health and confidence.

GIMS students:

– are given lessons in both English and Spanish;

– have access to both English and Spanish educational materials;

– celebrate the diverse cultures of GIMS families.

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