We care for every detail

Because the secret is in the environment

Granada International Montessori School provides a stimulating educational space designed to foster a love of learning and an enthusiasm for continued educational growth.

Children have the materials at their reach, available for use, and allow them a high degree of independence in their work. This goes hand in hand with our philosophy of freedom within limits.

The mixed age environment provides a unique opportunity for them to learn from each other. This is a place to learn and develop at their own pace within a classroom that offers various levels of complexity.

Each of the classrooms is designed to provide an engaging, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment for their age group. The furniture is adapted to the height of each group. Each class offers a wide variety of workspaces, on the tables, rugs and floor.

There are parts of the classroom that are spacious and open, allowing large-scale work to be carried out, as well as encouraging group activities and movement. To satisfy the need for order, each classroom is divided into work areas according to the materials found there: language, sensorial, mathematics, practical life…

The outdoor space is equipped with gardens, play areas, and a vegetable garden, carefully designed to meet the physical and social needs of the children.

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