Enrollment preference will be given to families with children in the school, and with a firm commitment to Montessori philosophy, as well as to bilingual or native English-speaking families.

Visits and observation

Any family that is interested in being part of the Granada International Montessori School community will be able to visit the facilities.

For families interested in the 3 to 6 year-old program, this visit includes access to the Observatory, where you can see Children’s House classroom in action, without disturbing the natural rhythm of the class. Access to this space is only available for adults. Silence is required so as not to disturb the learning environment.

For families interested in the Elementary program, direct observations are possible, and children over 6 have the opportunity of spending a week in the classroom environment prior to enrollment.


Update: during the COVID-19 crisis, we have modified our policies. Please read our COVID Handbook for more information.

Admissions criteria

The admission criteria are focused on the creation of a balanced, mixed-age, heterogeneous group. These criteria will be based on equality of opportunity and there will be no discrimination based on race, beliefs, sexual orientation and/or religion.

Preference will be given to children enrolled in the school the previous year and their siblings. New students will enter by order of application, after taking into account the needs of the existing group, the level of English language of the child, and the family’s commitment to the Montessori philosophy and International Education. For children above the age of 6, previous Montessori experience is recommended.

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