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Granada, Spain​

Escuela infantil Montessori
Our Story

The school where
you would have loved
to grow up

Starting with a big dream and a small group of children, Granada International Montessori School has been growing since 2015 with the aim of providing a quality education that nurtures children’s spirit and innate love of learning.

We believe that each person has the potential to achieve success with the right guidance- Accordingly, we have developed an educational program which addresses the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the child.

The child is at the heart of this school. Therefore, we work to support them as citizens of the community and the world, following their natural development and needs.

We are family

It all began with a family who wanted to offer a different educational model for their children.

Today, our Montessori school has grown to encompass a professional team committed to provide a quality education while maintaining a family spirit.

Our goal

Granada International Montessori School is a private school for children aged 3 to 12.

In an effort to educate the whole child and to inspire children to be caring, socially responsible participants in their community and their world, we have carefully prepared the environment to be rich in diversity and supportive of the developing child.

Our Vision

A bright future

We encourage our students to cultivate curiosity and acquire skills for academic success.

Montessori Education

Our educators are fully trained as Montessori teachers and assistants.

Natural Playground

Children enjoy a beautiful natural playground where they grow their own vegetables, play in soft sand, and use music installations and wooden structures.

Home-made Food

Our freshly made lunches have a vegetarian option, and change frequently to adapt to seasonal local produce.


Our main curriculum is in English language, and we also teach Spanish language and culture.

Montessori School Granada

Mission Statement

The mission of GIMS is to provide a holistic education to students of diverse cultures in a prepared environment, inaccordance with the principles of Montessori pedagogy: maintaining their innate love of learning, promoting independent thinking and fostering a constructive and respectful attitude.


Our students

We strive for GIMS graduates to be:

Our Core Values

A joyful childhood

At our Montessori school, we encourage our students to cultivate curiosity and acquire skills for academic success.

Children learn best when secure and motivated

As a result, at GIMS, students:

Montessori para el futuro

Children deserve a holistic education

Thus, at GIMS, we offre an education covering all aspects of their development (academic, socio-emotional, physical, spiritual)

Entorno educativo estimulante Montessori
Actividades curriculares Montessori

Children learn by doing and from modelled behaviour and attitudes

Therefore, GIMS Guides and Assistants:

GIMS parents have access to:

GIMS students:

Escuela Montessori en España

A bilingual or multilingual education

Consequently, our Montessori school offers an education that helps children appreciate and embrace diversity, improving their understanding of other cultures, thus helping to inculcate peace; and improves mental health and confidence. GIMS students:


We care for every detail

Because the secret is in the environment

Desarrollo a su propio ritmo Montessori

Granada International Montessori School provides a stimulating educational space designed to foster a love of learning and an enthusiasm for continued educational growth.

Libertad dentro de límites Montessori

Children have the materials at their reach, available for use, and allow them a high degree of independence in their work. This goes hand in hand with our philosophy of freedom within limits.

Grupos de edad mixtos Montessori

The mixed age environment provides a unique opportunity for them to learn from each other. In other words, children learn and develop at their own pace within a classroom that offers various levels of complexity.

Aprendizaje independiente Montessori

Each of the classrooms is designed to provide an engaging, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment for their age group. For instance, the furniture is adapted to the height of each group. Each class offers a wide variety of workspaces, on the tables, rugs and floor.

Filosofía Montessori

There are parts of the classroom that are spacious and open, allowing large-scale work to be carried out, as well as encouraging group activities and movement. Therefore, to satisfy the need for order, each classroom is divided into work areas according to the materials found there: language, sensorial, mathematics, practical life...

Montessori para el futuro

The outdoor space is equipped with gardens, play areas, and a vegetable garden, carefully designed to meet the physical and social needs of the children.

Enseñanza Montessori
A Seamless Montessori Journey

Our Collaboration with Montessori Community Granada

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Montessori Community Granada, a beautiful childcare center catering to children aged 0 to 3. 

This partnership underscores our commitment to providing a seamless educational journey from early childhood up to secondary school, fostering a holistic Montessori approach to learning and development.

Together, we aim to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your child’s growth and exploration, ensuring a strong foundation for their future.


The people behind the project

Our team is committed to providing the best educational environment for your child.

For us, Montessori is a way of life; it extends beyond the Montessori materials and classroom. It is something that defines and permeates the whole of our Montessori school community

Rafael Román

Founder of GIMS, Management Team, Pedagogical Support.

Olga Hernando

Founder of GIMS, Management Team, Team Coach.

Marta González

Business Manager, Management Team, Administration.

Montessori School Granada

Candice McKinnon

Pedagogical Coordinator and Upper Elementary Lead Montessori Guide.

Marisa Palacios


Montessori School Granada

Eloise Katts

Lower Elementary Lead Montessori Guide.

José Cuadros

Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher. Spanish Language and Culture teacher. Music and Physical Education Teacher.

Íria Rodríguez

Children's House Lead Montessori Guide.

Montessori School Granada

Almudena López

Children’s House Assistant. Art and Spanish Language teacher.

Montessori School Granada

Ruth Expósito Harris

Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher, Physical Education and Art Teacher. Children's House English Teacher.

Carmen Garrido

Upper Elementary Assistant.

Alejandro Montoya

Before-school Club.

Roberto Nuevo

Administration, educational support and maintenance.

Carmen Guerra

Special Educational Needs Support.

Ana López Villegas


Montessori School Granada

Zoulikha Attou


Nadia Sassa


Silvia Barcos


In the press

Montessori School Granada
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We partner with other Montessori schools, organizations, and influencers to promote mindful and comprehensive education.

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