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Granada, Spain​

Parent Resources

A family of families

We recognize parents as the first teachers in life. Therefore, the families who have chosen this school are committed to educating their children. Our goal is to collaborate with them to provide the best possible educational experience for their children. On this page, you will find information about Montessori resources for parents of GIMS community.


You can read everything you need to know in our school Handbook.


We encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s education. As a result, we invite them to observe in the classroom, participate in family workshops and activities, help organize field trips or school events, and connect with other parents, creating a network that links the classroom with the community and, in turn, with the world.

Montessori School Granada

“The way in which children are brought up in a culture is a reflection of how political decisions are made, and the way in which we establish relationships with other cultures and countries. Montessori’s philosophy has a large sociocultural and political impact, since it suggests that by dignifying childhood on a large scale, we can purify and reset our own culture.”

Rafael Román – Founder of GIMS

Montessori School Granada


All of the adults at GIMS form part of an Adult Learning Community, and we invite all parents to participate in frequent sessions to learn more about pedagogy and Montessori resources for parents.

Moreover, we have GIMS support groups to help the school organizing celebrations, helping to improve the facilities and maintain the vegetable garden, as well as creating events for raising funds.


What they say about us

We love working closely together with parents, hand in hand to ensure home and school are aligned with shared goals.

Their feedback is our guide, and also the best reward they can give us!

An extraordinary place for kids to discover the world, explore and experience for themselves. I see this evolution in my son every day; I know that my wife and I are partly responsible, but so are you. Thank you for existing!

Francisco Simón (GIMS parent)

An excellent school where the little ones are free and happy. A project full of hope, a new way of understanding education.

Celia Raya (GIMS parent)

Wonderful people, teaching and preparing to improve and change the world. An incredible team, thank you for making us grow as teachers and as adults.

Camila Daris (student teacher)

A message to share that we are extremely grateful for the treatment, sensitivity and welcome our son received at this school. The whole team has thrilled us, seeing the professionalism, care and tact they had when integrating him into the new class. The place is beautiful, the patio is super nice, the spaces and materials to study as well, what a joy to have found them! THANK YOU for creating this space for children (and their families;)

S. M. (GIMS parent)

After trying both public and private schools in the area, we finally decided to give Granada International Montessori School a try, even though it is a little out of our range both in physical location and financially. But it is well worth the effort. The school is like a haven for kids and parents alike. We have not only enrolled our son in the best school in Granada, we have also joined a «family» of parents both Spanish and international where we organize several extracurricular activities and weekend visits. We were planning on leaving Granada, but are now considering staying, just because of this school. Oh and it is 100% proper Montessori which is fantastic. One of the founders is a recognized expert nationally and is helping other schools «get it right». I only wish all kids had the opportunity for great and respectful education our son is getting.eview Text

S. B. Jensen (GIMS parent)
Montessori School Granada


Granada International Montessori School is a private school for children aged 3 to 12.

In an effort to educate the whole child and to inspire children to be caring, socially responsible participants in their community and their world, we have carefully prepared the environment to be rich in diversity and supportive of the developing child.


Join our community!

The school’s community of families helps to organize festivities, improve facilities, and maintain the garden, as well as create fundraising events.

An AMPA is being developed, and GIMS families have formed gardening, extracurricular activities, and family leisure groups.

Furthermore, all GIMS adults are members of an Adult Learning Community, and we encourage all families to attend regular training sessions to learn more about Montessori philosophy.

Join the GIMS family today!

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