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Montessori School Granada

Children's House

The environment of Children’s House is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6. We strive for the group to be balanced and diverse in age, gender, culture, and language.

According to the Montessori philosophy, during this period children are under the influence of the “absorbent mind”, making them permeable to a more diverse learning.

The environment for this stage of childhood provides materials and activities with the purpose of developing the concentration and inner discipline of the children.

Areas of Work

Montessori School Granada

Practical Life

The practical life activities are the first to be presented to the children. These include everything from hand washing and carefully walking around the classroom, to cleaning boots or making bread. Children are drawn to these interesting real-life activities and unconsciously develop self-control, self-confidence, and perseverance through them.

They also practice fine motor skills, manual dexterity and coordination that serve their developmental needs and that they will later apply in the areas of Language and Mathematics.

Activities in this area are related to grace and courtesy, caring for the environment (including the outdoor environment), caring for oneself, controlling and coordinating movement, and preparing food.

Montessori School Granada


Sensorial materials are designed to organize and classify all the sensory impressions that children receive. These materials apply to each of the five senses and to their individual properties. Children learn to observe, compare, contrast, and find patterns.

Subsequent sensorial activities include a concrete exploration of materials related to algebra and geometry, as well as botany and geography. Through this area of work, children become aware of their existence as citizens of the world.

Montessori School Granada


Activities in the language area start from day one. Spoken language is the first means of communication. Whether they are speaking or listening, their brain absorbs everything without exception.

Children develop their vocabulary by being exposed to a rich linguistic environment in which language cards, cultural references, realistic stories, songs, and games provide extensive exposure to our complex language.

Montessori School Granada


The area of mathematics begins with the concrete representation of mathematical concepts, such as quantity and volume, and gradually moves towards abstraction with symbols, and how numbers work together.

They first explore the four basic operations with the decimal system, using large quantities. Although numbers are innately abstract, activities in this environment provide a concrete experience in which to discover the world of mathematics.

Montessori School Granada

Art and Culture

Art and culture are part of everything, and they are incorporated transversally in all areas of the classroom.

Children’s House environment offers varied creative opportunities and supports art as an integral aspect of life, whether it is reciting a poem, creating a clapping rhythmic sequence, arranging flowers, studying the dimensions of the Pink Tower, organizing sequenced geometric shapes, creating a pattern of addition operations, working with music, preparing and arranging food in an aesthetically pleasing way, or painting a picture.

The environment of Children’s House defends art as an aspect of life.

Montessori School Granada

Free Play

Finally, there is a space and time for free play, with special emphasis on movement, as an essential part of the work carried out in Children’s House.

A Seamless Montessori Journey

Our Collaboration with Montessori Community Granada

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Montessori Community Granada, a beautiful childcare center catering to children aged 0 to 3. 

This partnership underscores our commitment to providing a seamless educational journey from early childhood up to secondary school, fostering a holistic Montessori approach to learning and development.

Together, we aim to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your child’s growth and exploration, ensuring a strong foundation for their educational future.

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